Idyllic country house in an absolutely green area

8630, Mariazell
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Located in one of the most beautiful pilgrim cities in Austria this fantastic country house is blessed with view and location. The absolutely family-friendly 24-room house offers space for several generations on approx. 1,376m2.

The breathtaking surroundings and the possibility of both summer (hiking, mountain biking, walking) and winter (skiing) use are also valuable features, as are the sauna, steam bath and the house´s billiard room. Nature can be enjoyed on the numerous outdoor spaces.

The attic of the property is fully developed and can be used for many purposes. The cosy large family kitchen invites you to linger.

Idyllically located in Upper Styria and about 1 hour 45 minutes drive from Vienna, this property is situated in absolutely picturesque surroundings and tranquillity.

The energy certificate is currently being prepared by the owner and will be submitted later.
The information provided by us is based on information and communications by third parties, in particular by the sellers, and is therefore without guarantee.

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