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ESG guidelines

ESG guidelines

It is of great importance to us that Avantgarde Properties considers ESG factors when identifying investment risks and opportunities. It is known that these factors can play a crucial role. Therefore, we want to ensure that financially significant sustainability insights are incorporated into our investment decisions and those of our clients.

(1) Our goal at Avantgarde Properties is to contribute to a society in which environmental, social, and governance factors play an important role.

(3) We regularly review our commitment to ensure that we make sustainable investments that are not only financially profitable but also have a positive impact on society and the environment. As a responsible company, we adhere to international standards and principles such as the UN Global Compact, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

(4) We strive to ensure that our investments align with our values and ethos. Transparency regarding our ESG practices is of great importance. We regularly report on our progress in integrating ESG factors into our investment process and our investments in sustainable companies and industries.

(5) We believe that only through transparent reporting can a fairer and more sustainable society be created. It is inevitable that ESG practices (Environmental, Social, and Governance) will play an increasingly important role in the investment process.

(6) At Avantgarde Properties, we recognized early on that sustainable and socially responsible practices are key to long-term success and increasingly demanded by investors.

(7) As a luxury real estate company, we place great importance on providing our clients with the highest standards. That’s why we advocate for sustainable living and a 0-emissions policy and encourage the construction and operation of energy-efficient buildings to minimize the global ecological footprint. But that’s not all. We are also proud to have a female quota of over 80% and to promote women in leadership positions. We believe that a just and equal society is necessary for long-term success and to gain the trust of our clients.

(8) We firmly believe and advocate for the possibility of being both profitable and sustainable. Investments in real estate with positive ESG practices can lead to better long-term performance and are therefore in the interest of homebuyers looking to fulfill their dream of owning a home, as well as investors and institutional investors looking to make long — or short-term investments.

No Investment Advice. Avantgarde Properties GmbH. does not provide investment advice.

We encourage our employees, clients, and business partners to join us in our commitment to sustainability and equality because together we can shape a successful and sustainable future.

For a sustainable future, we stand by our name.

Your Avantgarde Properties Team.