Unique Waterfront Estate

85320, Kaludjerovina
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This unique villa has more than 100 m of direct water access. It is located on a bay with stunning views near Tivat. Access to the building is provided from land and from the sea.

The villa is divided in three levels. The organizational structure is classical — day zone, night zone and service area. Finishing materials were used with appropriate characteristics for coastal conditions, resistant to increased humidity, insolation and salinity.

There are a total of 12 bedrooms — 7 bedrooms are children’s and guest apartments, spread on all three floors.
The Villa represents the very pinnacle of luxury, exclusivity as well as architectural and design solutions in the sector of elite objects, not only in Montenegro, but in the entire region.

The village where this Villa is located is one of the most exclusive and appreciated destinations on the Montenegrin coast. Along with spectacular scenery, the village is known of waterfront luxury villas and high class newly built properties. The distance to Tivat by car is about 8 km.

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