Sumptuous Mansion in Madrid

28020, MADRID
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The villa is situated in the most exclusive district of Madrid. It is inspired by classic 16th century Italian palaces, exuding an atmosphere from the past, yet equipped with the comforts of today, where modern art coexists with the formality and elegance of a more sober, classic and timeless interior. The nearly 3.000 m² living space spread over three levels combined with the high ceilings create a lot of space and volume. There are 6 large master suites (4 on the upper level, 2 on the entry level), 3 rooms for the service, indoor pool with fireplace on the main floor, a gym, a cinema for 12 people in the style of ancient theatres but with the most modern and sophisticated equipment, a garage with ample space for 12 cars as well as a workshop and facilities — kept under strict professional supervision — are available in this unique villa.

The craftsmanship used in the construction of the Artisan exceeds the highest standards of quality and the sensations experienced in its interior will overwhelm the most discerning of guests — elegance reaches its maximum expression here. Parisian and Italian ironwork cratfsmen have manufactured the customised railings. Paintings and reliefs by professionals from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris decorate the interior and the entire project — spanning over four years — was overseen by a team comprising a renowned architect and an interior designer.

Another stunning part of this trophy real estate is the beautiful mature garden, designed by Fernando Caruncho, who is one of the best landscapers. The paving tiles at the entrance, installed by hand, are antique and were recovered from the Monastery of Montserrat in Catalonia. Square esplanades with impressive walls have been created and the central axis has been calculated mathematically.

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