Representative Jugendstil palais as office space
1080, Вена
Идентификатор объявления 1466
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Garage/Parking spot
158 kWh/m³
Потребление тепла для отопления
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комиссия: 2MM от покупной цены плюс 20% НДС

This extensively restored Jugendstil Palais, built at the beginning of the 20th century, is located in the heart of the Josefstadt. With its perfect unity of representation and privacy, the Palais is ideally suited to be rented as a residence for an embassy or a company.

During the renovation, an elevator, state-of-the-art communication, lighting and security systems as well as marble bathrooms have been installed.

The Palais stretches over 4 floors with approx. 830 m² floor space.

The access to this turn-of-the-century gem offers representative flair. From the wrought-iron gate, one gets to the vestibule from which one can access the souterrain on ground-level and also the raised ground floor and the bel etage via a wooden paneling stair.

A side-entrance in the souterrain offers direct access for the personnel and leads to the second stairway, to the elevator and to the garage in which 3 cars can be parked. Also, the access to the inner courtyard with natural stone is located on this floor.

The raised ground floor comprises five smaller rooms which are ideally suited for residential or office purposes. In one of the rooms, an open fireplace is installed.

Gorgeous state rooms in the bel etage offer the perfect space for invitations, festivities or artistic events.

The bright and modern atelier with access to the roof terrace is a perfect last aspect of this unique city Palais.

— Marble baths
— Elevator
— Staff unit
— Garage with 3 parking lots
— Roof terrace (approx. 37 m²)
— Video intercom
— Electric entry control
— Security system with highest standards
— Condensing boiler with central heating, underfloor heating in all baths and residential rooms
— Air-conditioned top floor (atelier)

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