Luxurious apartment with hotel service in prime inner city location
1010, Вена
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Жилая площадь
Garage/Parking spot
81 kWh/m³
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This fully furnished and serviced apartment is located on the 3rd floor at one of the best addresses of Vienna, from which all the famous sights, the most luxurious shopping streets as well as the large city park (Stadtpark) are only a few minutes walking distance away.

Due to the connection to an exquisite 5-star hotel, the residents enjoy the following services:

— Wellness area (pool, jacuzzi)
— Fitness Club
— 24 h room service
— 24 h concierge service
— Daily cleaning
— Personal assistance
— Limousine service to and from the airport
— Baggage service

The exceptional size and the resulting representative flair justify the name «Schönbrunn». Classic and modern elements are combined to create a harmonious style. Plenty of space for a large family and several guests offer 6 deluxe bedrooms which are all individually decorated and have an en suite bathroom. This gorgeous apartment furthermore has two spacious living rooms with dining areas and a lot of storage space.

Underground parking spaces can be rented for € 200,- / month each.

Перечень цен


  • комиссия: 3% от покупной цены плюс 20% НДС
€ 5.700.000,--

Арендная плата

  • Арендная плата за месяц, нетто: € 19.700,--
  • комиссия: 3% от покупной цены плюс 20% НДС
  • Utilities: € 3.880,--
  • операционные затраты: € 3.880,--
€ 23.580,--

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