Luxurious apartment in grand Wilhelminian style building
1010, Вена
Идентификатор объявления 1356
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Жилая площадь
55 kWh/m³
Потребление тепла для отопления
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комиссия: 3% от покупной цены плюс 20% НДС

In this grand Wilhelminian style apartment building in top location of the inner city close to Stadtpark and Stephansplatz luxurious apartments are built.
The connection to infrastructure is excellent. It is only short walk to Ringstrasse, Kärntner Strasse, Stadtpark and Stephansplatz.

High-quality furnishings up-to-date technology will meet high requirements.

In-House Facilities:
Spa-area with cryo sauna and steam bath
Fitness room
Wine cellar with degustation room (incl. open fireplace)
There are parking lots available (stacking system) in the garage for € 80.000,00 each.

Facilities of the Apartments:
Roof terrace
Outdoor Pool
Underfloor heating
Air conditioning
Triple glazing
Parquet and high-quality stoneware materials
High gloss tiles
State-of-the-art electric wiring for IT
Premium modern sanitary installations and fittings

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