Loft-like living in Hernals
1170, Вена
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With this beautiful and customizable loft-style apartment, a living concept is brought to Vienna which for a long time has been established in cities like New York, London or Paris. This style combines industrial chic with coziness, customized for your own requirements.

Only the highest standards of technology and architecture are used as a prerequisite for this. High, light-flooded rooms, modern materials and an economic and ecologic reasonable consumption of common charges allow for a very high and unique quality of living; exemplified by an area-wide underfloor heating and also windows with especially high isolation.

Self-evidently, the following facilities are available as well: common rooms for trash, stroller or storage and the loft also has a balcony. The combination of residential and office use brings a maximum of flexibility of the workday life.

The apartment can be designed individually which allows for comprehensive possibilities to adapt the loft according to your personal requirements. The available plan thus only gives the first idea for inspiration.

Stops of the regional express S45 as well as tram line 43 can be reached in only four minutes on foot. Given this connection to public transportation, it doesn’t take long to get to the city center By car, the Gürtel can be reached in about 5 minutes and in about 15 minutes the city center. Several green areas also are located in the vicinity.

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