2500, Baden
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The villa in Baden was built in the first decade of the 20th century and now is declared as monument. It is particularly valuable investment property in a prime condition and in an absolute location top location. The total area is 1.816 m² and the building size is 479 m². In the open space area is a lovely garden with old trees and also 10 parking spaces for vehicles.

The outside of this villa was exclusively and costly renovated in 2014. The interior was completely renovated between 1988-1990 and divided into eight individual units. All the services (power and water pipes, gas central heating) had been renewed, the old style elements were although restored. Furthermore, the attic was expanded as the 3rd floor and a modern lift was installed. Through all this things, all the residential units from the house offers a modern living comfort in a particularly style and luxury design.

The villa is having valuable old wood ceilings, wall coverings, parquet floors and a unique staircase. All the residential units are having their own parking spaces and their own cellar compartment. Three from the units are having terraces with garden-view.

The location is unique. Although the station is only one minute away and the downtown only 5 minutes walk, the villa is in a quiet side street without traffic. The property is from another properties surrounded, buit this villa is the most representative building in the vicinity.

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