Elegant historic villa
1180, Вена
Идентификатор объявления 1494
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Жилая площадь
Размер участка
Garage/Parking spot
151 kWh/m³
Потребление тепла для отопления

This historic stylish villa is remarkable because of its imposing size and is especially attractive due to ist absolutely green and tranquil location near the Pötzleinsdorfer Schlossparks as well as the spacious room layout. The classic basic elements of this 4-storey villa are untouched.

Floors: Souterrain, Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, Top Floor

The villa is in very good structural conditions and is ideally suite for spacious living, as a multi-family villa or for single villa floors.

The souterrain, covering the whole building area, has approx. 230 m², is located on street level and offers space with daylight for indoor pool, sauna. Steam bath, fitness area, wine cellar etc. Also on this floor, an exit to the garden, a separate access to the staircase and the garage with space for two cars is located. The garage can be extended.

A spaciously designed lobby as well as numerous rooms, baths and a kitchen are available on each of the ample upper floors, which have 200-220 m² and approx. 175 m² on the top floor.

The house is heated via central gas heating and the fireplaces are fully-functional.

The plot is covered well from outside view and has a terraced garden with beautiful old trees, a barbecue area and a pavilion.

The representative entrance area and the way to the garage are additional factors making this a great real estate.

The villa is vacant.

The infrastructure and connection to public transportation are very good. At the same time, the Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark and the Wienerwald, the local recreation area, can be reached on foot in a short time.

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€ 4.500.000,--

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