Business premises / ordination near Friedensbrücke

1090, Вена
Идентификатор объявления 1895
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206 kWh/m³
Потребление тепла для отопления

This office / ordination is in a top location in the 9th district, right near the Friedensbrücke. Due to the good location and the excellent connection to public transport (tram, underground), the customer frequency is very high.

— 350 square meters of space
— 6.20 m ceiling height
— Ventilation systems with air conditioning and air filter available
— Electricity systems (adapted to an X-ray ordination) available
— 2 entrances available: on the street side and entrance from the staircase
— 3 toilets, 2 showers, 1 staff changing room including shower / toilet
— 1 kitchen

The business location is in a prime location with its proximity to downtown Vienna and the U4 lines, near the Liechtensteinpark. The transport links with immediate proximity to Rossauer Lände and the airport, which is only 20 minutes away by car, guarantee maximum flexibility in beautiful surroundings.

Перечень цен


  • комиссия: 3% от покупной цены плюс 20% НДС
€ 1.540.000,--

Арендная плата

  • Арендная плата за месяц, нетто: € 3.850,--
  • комиссия: 3% от покупной цены плюс 20% НДС
  • НДС: 10%
  • Utilities: € 725,--
  • операционные затраты: € 725,--
€ 4.960,--

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