Belagsfertige Flächen für ein Geschäftslokal oder Büro in ausgezeichneter Lage
1060, Вена
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111 kWh/m³
Потребление тепла для отопления

These business or office premises with finished surfaces are located in a completely modernized turn of the century 1st district.

There is about 225 m² to 334 m² floor space available.

The area can be adapted after consultation.

Currently, there are 7 rooms, 1 kitchen and 2 toilets.

2-3 parking spaces can be rented around the corner for € 220.00 (gross) / month per parking space.

A restaurant concept with kitchen is not possible at this location (only coffee and sandwiches with no kitchen).

Situated in an excellent area of the 6th district, with high numbers of pedestrians, the premises are very close to Mariahilfer Straße, Naschmarkt and the 1st district, which can be reached on foot in only about 3 minutes. Living here, one benefits from an excellent infrastructure: public transport (bus lines 2A, 57A — but also the subway lines U1, U2, U3, U4 are located within walking distance), shops for daily consumer needs, doctors, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, clubs and more. Due to the vicinity of the Museumsquartier and the 1st district, the cultural life can be fully enjoyed as well.

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Арендная плата

  • Арендная плата за месяц, нетто: € 7.752,--
  • комиссия: 3MM от покупной цены плюс 20% НДС
  • НДС: 20%
  • Utilities: € 815,--
  • операционные затраты: € 504,--
  • Heating Costs: € 194,--
  • Other Costs: € 117,--
€ 10.116,--

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