Waterfront Villa in Porto Rafael

7020, Abbiadori Porto Cervo
Listing-ID: 1871
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The following mansion in excellent/good working order located in Loc. Punta Sardegna, strada per spiaggia cosidetta “sottoportorafael”.

The total accomodation is composed by:

132 m² on the basement floor (storages and tech rooms)
406 m² on the ground floor ( 1 living room, 1 bedroom, external veranda)
420 m² on the first floor (4 bedrooms)
65 m² on the roof (terraces)
67 m² of canopy (parking area)
3.738 m² of external (garden and swimming pool)

Location on the world famous north-east coast in Sardinia.
Location close to the sea, small walking distance through a public path.
Beautiful panorama on the seaside – Nelson beach, Porto Rafael.
Luxury villa with good maintenance status.
Good provision of accomodation and leisure amenities.

The villa has an irregular shape which starts from a circular patio on the ground floor and then is arranged on two main levels and subdivided by different radius and differen floor heights. Vertical connections are provided by some staircases, both internal and external.
The subject plot hosts the main villa and also a big swimming pool on a green area where are locared also some plants.

On the ground floor are located: a triangular kitchen-living room to the south, a double-bedroom with its own toilette and walk-in closet and a small toilette with entrance from the outside; there is also a big porch opened to the east overlooking the garden; the swimming pool and the sea. On the same level there is also a big storage area that is located unter the terrace and is characterised by a small internal height, and a corridor starting from the living room and connection with the internal staircase to the first floor.

On the first floor are located 4 bedrooms, the master one is located on the south of the floor and is provided with a walk-in closet, a private toilette and a jacuzzi. The other three bedrooms are provided each with a toilette. On the same level, just above the accomodation on the lower level, are located the big terraces overlooking the garden and the sea. Every room os provided with big windows overlooking the sea.

On the roof are located 2 small terraces which are reachable by the first floor through two external staircases.

The swimming pool has an irregular shape with two round-shaped terraces on the north (which host a storage area in the basement) and on the south (which host some technical rooms on the basement).

On the external are, close to the vehicle entrance, is located a big canopy used as parking space for 4 cars.

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